Why advertise with rentDIRECTfromowners.com?

Advertising is only effective if it reaches your target market.

It's all well and good spending lots of money advertising your long term rental, however, your advertisements have to reach your target market. There is no point in just advertising locally - your new tenant could be located anywhere

rentDIRECTfromowners.com does exactly what it says on the tin, we only advertise property for rent direct from the owners. All of the search engine optimization for the website is geared around people looking for long-term rentals in Spain and direct from the owners.

Also, rentDIRECTfromowners.com does not stand alone. It is part of a much larger group of sites providing the wealth of service required by visitors to Spain, and people who are already residents in Spain.

Because of the high number of services our group offers, it means that we sit near the top of most searches for information about Spain and we receive a huge number of visitors every day.

This established traffic will continue to grow and, unlike the press, is truly international, to maximise the chances of your listing being seen by potential tenants.

Our Advertising package

  • We have just one set rate of 49 euros for 12 months of listing time - this works out to less than 1 euro per week.
  • Whilst your property is rented out you can suspend your listing and then re-activate when it becomes available again.
  • Full property description
  • Up to 5 images
  • Enquiries direct to your inbox

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