Property Owners FAQs

Why should I advertise my property on

Advertising your property direct is a cost effective way to attract potential tennants who do not want to pay over the odds for their long-term rental..


Are you saying that is the only place we should advertise?

Not at all there are various media available for advertising your property direct, both over the internet and in your local paper. We suggest that you have a budget in mind for your advertising costs and list your property in as many places as possible providing they reach your target market.


How many visitors do you get on is part of a group of websites providing information about Spain and currently receives thousands of visitors each day. Even if you take out of the equation those who prefer to deal only with estate agents - it is still safe to say that there are hundreds of visitors each day looking for long-term rentals direct from owners.


I am trying to sell my property, why should I rent it out?

Whilst you may have realised that the property market in Spain is not as buoyant as it once, was the rental market here is actually booming. This is not to say that your property won't sell it just means that it may take a little longer. In the meantime why not rent your property out on a long-term basis?

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